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Wines from Ciociaria and Valle di Comino at the Mercato Centrale in Rome

Ciociaria da Bere, that was the name of the event at the Central Market in Rome a few days ago!

On January 31st, the Ciociaria Naturale association was presented with a guided tasting in collaboration with Slow Food Rome.

The Ciociaria Naturale Association is a collective of winemakers from the south Lazio, Ciociaria and Valle di Comino; representatives who come from the Cesanese del Piglio area, the Sora/Isola del Liri area, the Valle di Comino, and the Valle dei Santi.

With boundless passion and limited yields, these true wine masters have chosen the path of biodynamics and chemical-free production, even though it entails hard work and limited bottle production.

These 10 small producers showcase the special characteristics of the landscape by cultivating endangered indigenous grape varieties such as Maturano Bianco, Maturano Nero, Pampanaro, Lecinaro, Capolongo, Raspato Nero and Reale Bianca, following an eco-friendly and ethical approach to agriculture and producing wine naturally, most of them vinified in amphorae

The winemakers of Ciociaria Naturale:

Fra i Monti Vini
Carlo Noro
D.S. Bio
I Ciacca
Maria E. Berucci
Palazzo Tronconi
La Visciola
Il vecchio poggio

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