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Romance in Valle di Comino: a romantic getaway

Celebrate love during a weekend in the Comino Valley

Is the Comino Valley romantic? Absolutely! It’s even the perfect destination to escape from the daily routine for a romantic weekend. You can take a peaceful walk, look into each other’s eyes at sunset on Lake Posta Fibreno, enjoy a gourmet dinner at the restaurants in the Comino Valley’s villages, and spend a pleasant evening filled with culture and atmosphere. Isn’t it romantic?

Love is food

A romantic weekend without food? Impossible! There is no better place to get to know each other than in a restaurant in the Comino Valley, whether it’s gourmet like Il Vicolo (Atina), street food like Pinta (Atina), or a pizzeria awarded by the Gambero Rosso like Farina Madre (Atina). Enjoy a delicious breakfast at a cozy café and have a last drink at a bar for an Italian aperitif.

Walking hand in hand in the villages of the Comino Valley

A tour of the Comino Valley is always a good idea, you can get to know each other better while exploring our beautiful valley. A simple walk to discover the ancient villages of the valley such as Atina, San Donato Val di Comino, Picinisco… or for the more athletic, a hike on our mountains that are part of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise. For a bit of culture, we recommend a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Atina and the Comino Valley, it’s not a bad idea!

A romantic view

During your walk, you can take advantage of the view of the valley from various towns. There is no better place to do this than the belvedere in Atina, in its historic center, or from that of Picinisco where you can admire magnificent sunsets and immediately understand how magnificent the Comino Valley is.

A night out

The Comino Valley offers numerous quality venues where you can spend the evening in the company of great music, for example, you can end the day with a bit of romantic jazz at the Artù Café in Atina, local artists perform every week!

Sleeping in a hotel

In the Comino Valley, there are some very special romantic hotels for you! However, for those who prefer to relax in a more peaceful environment, we also have some recommendations for saunas, wellness treatments, or practicing yoga. In addition, if you prefer a different option, take a look at this list of bed and breakfast and scattered hotels in the Comino Valley.

Romantic to-dos

Walking and eating are not enough to fill a weekend. In Valle di Comino there are so many things to do that you can return every year. Take a pedal boat ride on the Lago di Posta Fibreno, visit an exhibition or museum, go shopping in the typical shops of the valley. Finally, go on all sorts of excursions in the pristine nature of Val di Comino.

The perfect date

Organize a romantic stay based on your personal tastes. Love is Valle di Comino, as evidenced by the impressive range of activities for couples to do here!

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