Museum of the Twentieth Century and the Shoah

The Museum of the Shoah and the Twentieth Century offers a wide range of attractions for visitors. It is located in a 200-square-meter building divided into 8 thematic pavilions, enriched by interactive panels, touch screen displays, display cases, virtual reality, projections, and holograms.

An exciting journey into the past, through conflicts and denied freedom, through the post-war period and the beginnings of the Republic.

During the visit, you can relive the experience of World War II through a suggestive interactive itinerary dedicated to the daily life of the twentieth century, to San Donato “free internment location” for Jews, to the Shoah.

The display cases and showcases show the objects of the daily life of Jews, emigrants, German, Italian and Allied soldiers. The projected images and displayed objects have been selected so as not to cause trauma to younger visitors or sensitive people.

The Museum of the Shoah and the Twentieth Century offers educational programs for schools of all levels, including projects, educational programs, training for students and teachers, workshops for different age groups.

During World War II, San Donato hosted the largest number of internees in the whole region, one of the highest in Italy (26th out of 601 municipalities).

The museum is an ideal place to learn about the history of the Shoah and the Twentieth Century through engaging and interactive educational experiences.

The exhibition is organized chronologically: you can watch videos, browse documents, diaries and unpublished writings on some displays.

The Museum of the Twentieth Century and the Shoah offers you the opportunity to dive into the history of World War II and the subsequent period, through interactive experiences, including racial persecution, the post-war crisis and the migration of citizens in search of fortune. It will allow you to travel back in time and relive the dramas and challenges of the past.

Stories of Jews interned, soldiers, emigrants, workers and the local population during World War II and reconstruction: tales of suffering, courage, redemption, heroism and solidarity. Portraits of men and women who lived through difficult times but also of enterprises and noble acts.

The Museum of the Twentieth Century and the Holocaust, located in the former Municipal Building of San Donato Val di Comino, is a historically significant place. During the period of the podestà Marini, between 1943 and 1944, five municipal employees risked their lives by forging identity documents of interned Jews to try to save them from deportation to Nazi concentration camps.

The museum offers an immersive experience to learn and understand the history of the Holocaust and the Twentieth Century.